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Quality Planning

Quality does not simply happen; quality has to be planned for at the outset of a new product, project or service. This course takes delegates through the fundamental steps required to ensure that the requirements for quality are addressed throughout the product or service life cycle.

Planning for quality starts at the very inception of a new idea and in most cases only concludes with the decommissioning of a project, the cessation of production of a product or the delivery of a service.

Workshop content

  • What is quality planning?
  • The quality planning process
  • Creating the quality framework
  • Identifying areas of critical risk using FMECA and crticality rating
  • Setting quality standards
  • Managing risk within the planning process
  • Developing a quality plan that works
  • Effective execution of quality plans
  • Interface management
  • Continual improvement – learning from the planning process.

Training Plan

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